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Testimonials (Success stories)

Sugandhi Gupta

Presidency College, Bangalore

My experience with KrazyBee was an amazing one. I first discovered KrazyBee through a banner they had put up near my college and thought to myself that this is a great idea. Soon I ordered One Plus 3 via KrazyBee, and the phone got delivered to me in no time. The service KrazyBee is providing is top notch. It makes buying things online so much easier. Definitely going to recommend this to my friends.

Brijesh Bopanna

Acharya Institute of Technology, Bangalore

I bought my Microsoft Lumia 950 on Amazon via KrazyBee. It's a crisp & neat process overall. The profile creation process is very user friendly & the verification process is purely professional. A comprehensive platform specifically designed to meet a student's shopping requirements.

Aniket Anand

Christ University, Bangalore

KrazyBee is a blessing for college students today. I ordered a Samsung A5 last month via KrazyBee, and the process was absolutely seamless & lean. What I typically liked was the hassle-free manner of the entire process. Thanks to KrazyBee, I don’t have to rely on my parents any more, and it gives me a lot of freedom & independence in terms of making my own decisions.

Lathish Kumar

New Horizon College of Engineering, Bangalore

I bought my phone from KrazyBee some time back. My life has become easier with a better phone because of KrazyBee, as I don’t have to worry about the whole amount and just pay a small part very month. The 2 good things I see with KrazyBee is the simple procedure and the agile response from the team whenever you require any kind of a support.

Monica M Raju

NITTE Meenakshi College of Engineering, Bangalore

As a college student who is often broke, shopping online has become more exciting because of KrazyBee. It underlines the adage ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’. The options available are many and flexibility with which money can be paid back is one of KrazyBee's highlight. Also, KrazyBee is making things much easier in terms of time and ease with which the purchase is approved & can be accessed.