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Our mission


To be the most convenient stepping stone for the young adults of India towards their dreams & aspirations

Want to purchase a laptop to help you with your assignments & projects, but tired of bugging your parents for it?

Have the trials for college’s annual music fest or sports arena next week, but don’t have enough funds to purchase the necessary equipment?

Want to pursue your passion for photography, but can’t wait till you accumulate enough to get your dream DSLR camera?

Want to gift your dad a watch on his birthday, but don’t feel comfortable borrowing money from friends?

Do any of these above scenarios ring a bell?

Well, you’re not the only one. We’ve been through the same during our college lives, and we exactly know how it feels. But worry no more mate, we’re here for you now.

We at KrazyBee, are a bunch of IIM & NIT alums zealously working towards the fulfillment of the aspirations of the current Indian college-going millennials. Our mission is to be the convenient connecting bridge between the college-going youth of this country, and their wonderful dreams and aspirations. Our prime focus is to be the source of hassle-free financing for college students to pursue their passion, who are certainly creditworthy but don’t have any convenient options in the market to support them currently.

After all, money can wait, but occasions and opportunities can’t! :)

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