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Fashion made easy in colleges

Chandini Hemdev  3 days ago

Most colleges these days are taking the ‘safe’ route and enforcing dress codes among their students, while the others are playing ‘liberal’ and say wear anything but…. There is always an asterisk with conditions apply. We’ve got you a few hacks, that would make college dress codes seem like the best thing that happened. We have a hack for a few outfits, that you’d love.

    1. If you have the liberal dress code, but no sleeveless for women and no graffiti on t-shirts for men, the women can wears scarfs that are thin, and serve as sleeves, or shrugs to the recuse. What makes it different is if the shrug has net sleeves or a back net. Making it look really trendy. While men can resort to nice text on their t-shirts. More like witty quotes ‘Eat, sleep, gym, repeat’ ‘I speak fluent sarcasm’. Things that don’t harm others, and always spread a smile.

    2. Dressing up once in a while is exciting, but college gives you that pressure every day. Simply put on a plain top, high waist jeans and bling shoes. Wear a thin slip and put on a casual shirt, and that defines trendy. For the men jackets always to the rescue, or some ankle length jeans and smart shoes. Simple things in your wardrobe can make you look extravagant.

    3. When you’re forced to wear ethnic on a daily basis, all you need to do is bring a new side to it. Wearing three colors isn’t odd. Take some inspiration from Bollywood. Kareena Kapoor in Jab We Met wears a lot of such suits. A heavy top and plain dupatta or visa-versa can always help. For the men, you cannot do much with shirts, but you can take you tie inspiration from Barney Stinson.

    4. With all the new rules of wearing Indian to college, ethnic day can be a hard time to look different. While most of the world wears sarees, you want to wear something out of the box. The new in think is lehengas or crop top and heavy long skirts. You could also wear your own castes’ traditional outfits and that can leave the crowd awestruck.

Treading the first milestone of college life!

Chandini Hemdev  6 days ago

College life is in itself a huge milestone in one’s life. As you step in, you’re a young adult of about 18. You are looked on with scrutinizing eyes by your seniors, teachers and classmates alike. Each one carries that thrill of finally being called a college student, and making the best of what’s shot at them. An enthusiastic lot, with aspirations to the level of the skies, enter the hustle of a college life. Each with their own attitude, ideas, mannerisms, and trends, try to blend and portray the best of themselves.

Fresher’s day is the first milestone to these new bees of the college, for to them it’s an open platform to build an image and have themselves recognised among the hundreds others of their batch. This forum to play the game as one class, through a series of competitions like solo singing, solo dance, theatre, Business plan, Business quiz, group dance, humorous speech, and finally the king of them all Best Manager has something exciting to offer to every new bee of college.

How to geared up for Freshers then becomes a daunting question, so here are 5 ways to do that best :

  1. Participate as a class in as many events as it takes, make sure each event has at least one person, giving you the chance to win.
  2. A smart wardrobe won’t kill no one.
  3. Be open to all ideas, you’re a part of a new class, and opinions of each person are equally important, so make the right choices.
  4. Keep your goal in mind, and remind yourself about it often.
  5. Don’t stress over winning or losing, for in the end, it’s about putting up a good fight and having fun.

Ensure to leave a tough mark, for the next set of fresher’s to come and break through.


Chandini Hemdev  8 days ago

College! One of the most interesting phase in every individual’s life! That part of life that is associated with a lot of drama and being shy, a journey that is like a memorable ride. The air in college is very different for the atmosphere that each one has been used to. People from all over the world come by, a whole new change of the usual atmosphere, which is nothing like school! The adrenal rush that runs through when you enter college takes you to a whole new level of being high!

I was 18, it was now time to enter college, and the struggle for admissions went on for a good two months, losing my appetite, my summer run, my precious sleep and my holiday fun! It all soon ended when I got lucky to be able to study in one of Bangalore’s top College life was a big step, because for the first time was I not only entering a college but also a co-ed institution! My parents always liked keeping me in a closed shell, protected and safeguarded from all the cruelty of the world! It was now time to roll a fresh start to a new life, with a whole change of the usual people and atmosphere that I had been used to!

Bachelors of Media Studies the perfect course that I was looking for, proved to be an even better experience, with the perfect class, brilliant staff and a wonderful crowd to begin with. My journey here started off with the entertaining orientation sessions that went on for a fortnight, before we knew it we were like family, a class of 62, was now on a roll! Enjoying the 2 out bounds that we went to, or going for movies, creating plays and doing assignments got us all amazed. Classes in the beginning were mostly introductions, but being the media lot we made that also seem fun. Auditioning for our fests or attending and enjoying the various P.R campaigns, we knew college life had now begun!

The rush for fresher’s, putting more than we can handle on our plate; gossip, or drama, college is known for its hungama! True that we were a little or more than just disappointed with our HUGE parking lot and the WONDERFUL canteen, but the other opportunities at college over shadows it all! The journey got more interesting when we were the first BMS class to win the award of the best class at freshers, competing with the BBM classes! And that definitely called for celebration, so set sail to a journey to Hyderabad to party and celebrate our victory. Another ice breaker for us to know our classmates and department better, and the trip sure did bring out a lot of positive ends.

It's barely been end of one semester, but it already seems so familiar, the people, the teachers, everything is new yet beautiful, fun and party being the true definition of college life, this college justifies it all! The three years that are yet to come, are most awaited for, a lot of hope, expectations and duties at the same time, waiting to be fulfilled! College has a lot to offer and I’m ready to make the most of what I get! With promising to stand true to performance being reality, I hope to have the best of my memories here as well as a happy degree at the end.

A welcome to a big new beginning

Chandini Hemdev  11 days ago

A media class, that has no fun times or educational trips? Sounds absurd right? That’s probably why college is said to be the time where you prove the odds to be right! Holidays, sound fun, they get even better when spent with friends! Barely after a month in college, just as they proved to be the best class among the first years, had the media class chosen to celebrate on a fun and educational trip! They set out to be the typical bunch of crazy students, that wanted to learn, explore, adapt, adjust and make the best of what they get, but not by sitting in class.

Setting a long journey in motion, giving way to a lot to come your way, as students you release yourselves of all the stress, and tend to get in the mood of full fun and party, when you set sail to your journey. College trips remain to be incomplete without a dash of amazing music to keep you on their feet, dancing and entertained for most of the trip. Pictures and food are the most essentials of any trip, but a trip with your best buddies in college can only get better when you head out, venture some sports, eat the spicy or tangy local food, not fall sick, and celebrate the joy of being a student.

With crazy rides to entertain, and a wonderful group to be in, you somewhere grow those feels to learn through that adventure. Be it learning the art of film making, staying together and as students finally breaking the ice of all the newness, you do grow as individuals. Reacting to it all and experiencing the wonderful things makes you feel that college is a part of your life where you grow the most. You come in as a kid, walk out as an adult, and somewhere between the lines of ‘Bhai Sutta Hai’ to ‘Bhai nai company khol raha hu’ you all grew up. So reminiscing your first year, your 2nd years madness or the dread you carried for graduation, you know college left an impact on you that no other phase of life can.

Living the Bollywood way

Chandini Hemdev  14 days ago

Bollywood is the one aspect that has influenced a lot of lives. Indian’s tend to take on and relate aspects of their lives to some Bollywood movies. College in these movies is described as the time for an individual to grow up, make their name, men to start looking handsome, and women all pretty. The time where in the movies, it’s okay to flirt, it’s fine to fail, and completely normal to fight and fall in love again. We’ve got to you a list of 5 Bollywood songs, that define college life in a nutshell.

  • Give me some sunshine:

    The anthem of engineering students, and the break free track of the commerce students, the arts kids play the tune on the guitar, and college life defined at par. This song from the movie 3 idiots, is one that will make anyone go down memory lane, and think of each time they failed, and tried to pick themselves up in that rat’s race we called college back then. The song gives a new meaning to how one would actually look back and see how the rush made the years in college seem like an actual degree.

  • Char baj gaye:

    For any Indian college without party, would not be called college, but school all over again. And if you’ve known and lived college the right way, then you’ve definitely danced to this song at some party you’ve made the most of. Many night in all those years, and some songs are etched to you memory. This song from the most college oriented movie “Faltu” has sure been the choice of a lot of students, and the favorite track of those memories that should never be spoken of in a public life.

  • Wake up sid (Title track):

    This list would be incomplete without the mention of this song. The movie that’s based on the life of a college student, is sure to define the time of most of us as students at college. And while in college we looked in the mirror and grooved to this music, we were remined that there will come a time, when looking back to this will make us smile.

  • Fuk fuk fukrey:

    This is one song that defined the wild, and more naughty side of college life. From gang wars, to club fights, teasing away authorities and breaking rules alright. It showed us that as the kid inside us lost the innocence of school, knowing the real world gave us a scare too. This phase of contemplation is one that this song from the movie Fukrey brings our well.

  • Yaaro Dosti:

    This might not be a song from a particular movie, but no other could compete to show us the bonds that we gathered in college. It’s true out first friends from school would never leave, and yet this song when played reminiscing our college days, leaves us with new memories. This song would be more like the graduation anthem, or the year end beat to which we would all get somewhere emotional.

The broke adventure trip !

Chandini Hemdev  15 days ago

What is college without a little adventure? Yet what is adventure without some thrill? But in the life of a college student, all this might seem too much to dream off. We’re in that phase where our parents are yet to decide if we’re kids or have grown, and so our pockets can be full, or half empty, sometimes broke and we wouldn’t even know. But there isn’t no fun without some mental memories, to someday tell stories about our getaway days while we were in college. Here are 5 places that one can go to, on a tight college budget.


All the way down south in the land of the most traditional people, this place is known for its beauty. The countryside and the waterways are the perfect location of a trip with your best buds. Of course, it’s the place that’s called the Venice of the East, and so it isn’t a bad idea to take your college crush here. Stories will always leave you surprised. To top it all lazy evenings in the houseboats, with some lip-smacking coconut-laced seafood seems too amazing to not make memories of it.


The coast of the country with places like Goa and Mumbai, can make you want to go away from the pomp of life. Lonavala is a hill station a few hours away from Mumbai is promising place to be at. Hikes, waterfalls, name it and you see beauty all around. Food is top notch, with the ever-favorite chocolate fudge, and chikki. Memories here would make you smile and remember that there are still places where you can get away without a hole in your pocket and breathe in fresh air.


This would seem like the most unconventional place for a bunch of college kids to explore, and yet it makes one of the best holidays ever. White-water-rafting, treks, and all at a destination with a low budget. It tends to be every student’s dream. This place has the most exotic Valley of Flowers, and is scenic in all senses. It’s true that you wouldn’t find meat or alcohol, but given all that adventure, the trip would count to be the best on your to do list.

Dharamsala And McLeodganj:

The name might scare students, but it is everything that is insane. This place might seem like it’s meant just for the older people, and yet exploring it as a college student, with your group would be the best decision you’ll could make. Monasteries and temples make the map of the place, but being a hill station, it won’t let you walk out without adventure. Treks and camps are most famous in this region of mini- Tibet. This would be a college student’s definition of cheap thrills


Another place towards the south, and one of the most reasonable get away plans on this list too. History of the years would sum up to be the treat to your eyes. The vibrancy of the place will enthrall you and leave you fascinated about the country’s history.

The Fest‘ive’ Galore

Chandini Hemdev  18 days ago

Fests have always been an integral part of every student’s school and college life. Each student takes on a fest with a different motive. Yet, the end goal rests with the happiness of who bags the overalls. Each city has their own unique element with their festing culture. Every college hosts at least one fest every year. Be it a management one, or a cultural one, they each try and out do the other.

The idea of the fest is to build relations with different colleges in and around your city. So, to have the most popular events, and the fanciest judges becomes the task at hand. The spirit of going for a fest is rather compelling. You have to put your best foot forward, so you can return with that trophy in hand, and a feather in your cap. And while you gather the best team to prove your name, the pressure of hosting an even better fest sticks around. From toll of sponsorship, to the hustle of the figuring out a theme, the grilling registration, or the marketing. It’s all an experience one would love to carry with them while still in college.

What surprises people is how some of them are so passionate about fests. But truthfully while people might say it’s the competition, the urge to win, or the rats race that has no end, it’s more about networking. Meeting new people, maybe competing with the same, and through three years or four years at college, tracing your growth cycle. The rounds at fests today through certain apps have also become credentials for a good placement. At management fests when you get judges from various companies, the ability to combat a stress round, might land you in a well paid job. And the cultural essence of dance, if watched by a celebrity, might land you in your dream team.

Fests in college become a complete package for the kids. The drama, the fun, the music, it all make it an experience of a lifetime. The two or three day galore, usually tends to end with another trend of what they now call a ‘pro night’. Which would basically mean a night for the kids to unleash all their stress and dance away to the tunes of some exceptional bands, unique artists, or the mist famous dj’s. In all the season is to make memories, and in three years to lift as many trophies.

9 things to look at before college admissions

Chandini Hemdev  20 days ago

Admissions, the word scares every individual. Be it a parent or a student, this becomes your nightmare. And when we say college admissions, the tension just builds. ‘Beta arts lega, ya science’, ‘Beti doctor banegi, ya radio jockey’! ‘Will I manage to crack the normal list or management list’ these questions daunt you until you pick the right place for yourself to be at. But what is the right place, how do you define which college will best suit your needs? Confusion is the word. But we’ve got you 9 things you need to look at in a college before you take that welcome letter in your hand.

  • Course:

    The course you apply for maybe generic or can even be one that is only specific to that college, but what you need to check is how much it caters to your needs. How much justice does it do to your passion that you want to pursue.
  • City:

    Moving to another city to be independent is good, but it can be traumatic to. You will have to be sure if you’re okay with where the college is located. Because college is not for a few months, but can be a 3/4/5-year long commitment.
  • Internships:

    The college needs to allow you that exposure, you will need to ensure that internships can be done, so you have a theoretical and practical knowledge of your subjects.
  • Scholarships:

    This becomes an essential element, for if the fee is too high, you will need to work your way around managing to get into the place you desire to be at.
  • Staff:

    Academics depends a lot on who teaches you, so make sure you are aware of the kind of teachers and facilitators you meet, and help you grow through your time there.
  • Crowd:

    You wouldn’t want to be in your favorite course and not have fun things to do around with happy people, so ensure the ambience of the college, which it’s crowd holds is a place where you would fit in.
  • A background check:

    On placements, the quality of education, and the attitude of the people towards the place would be an ideal before you take on to it for a while.
  • Fun:

    Would college and its timings make life fun and worth at the same time?
  • Finally, is it your place:

    Can you imagine going to any other school more than this one? Or does this one just feel, right? How important do you regard your feelings vs. logic?

Why are Internships in college so important?

Puja Kumari  7 months ago

As college students work their way through school, they inch closer to the coveted graduation date and full time job. Along the way there can be constant pressure about getting an internship or not, and the question of whether it is really worth it? These are very good questions that each student thinks about, especially as they transition to upper-class men status.

Here is the list of reason's stating Why Are Internships In College So Important?

1. Experience:

Students that have internships acquire more well rounded experiences and also get to see first-hand how companies work. This provides a valuable understanding of the business and industry in which you want to work in once you graduate.

2. Company Expectations:

Most companies expect college graduates to have some level of experience, even with entry-level positions. An internship provides the all-important “experience” all students’ need. The more internship experience you have, the more credible your background will look on your resume.

3. Resume Builder:

Make sure to find internships that are relevant to your major and add them to your resume. This provides a great foundation in your desired industry and will propel you above other college graduates with no internship experience.

4. Glimpse Into A Full-Time Job:

As a college student, you may know what type of work you want to do when you graduate, but you may not know what the day-to-day looks like. An internship provides a glimpse into what the work is like and if you will like it or not. internship may help you change directions if needed.

5. Gain Confidence:

You may not have the experience yet, or even the confidence to do the job you think you want, however, most internships train college students on-the-job and provide a fantastic learning experience for them to build their confidence. This confidence shows, especially if you are in the middle of a phone or in-person interview.

6. Build Your Network:

Building your professional network is just as important as building your experience. Internships allow students to connect with professionals that are involved in similar work. These connections can be very important for you when looking for a job.

7. Reference Letter:

As you build your network with the people you are working alongside in your internship, you may be able to ask them to be a professional reference. This is critical because companies ask for references in the hiring process.

8. Get Hired:

An internship is ultimately designed to get the student a job offer. This can be a multi-year process from the time you enter college all the way through your senior year. If you perform well in your internships as a student, the company may end up offering you a full time job when you graduate.


6 ways to stand out of depression zone

Puja Kumari  7 months ago

Being lonely is a normal part of our everyday lives. We get sad when we fail in our exams, when we're rejected by the person we love, or when someone very close to us passes away. Depression, however, could be more fatal than just plain loneliness. It could render life-long consequences that could ruin your self-esteem, health, and well-being.

Here are some superb tips to conquer the melancholy mood and get more happiness out of your daily activities...

1. Get Involved. Get Inspired.

You'll be more likely to overcome any feeling of depression if you are too busy to notice it. Live a life full of inspired activities. Do the things you love. It could be something simple as taking a leisurely stroll in the park, playing sports, reading books, or engaging in any activity that you have passion for and would love to pursue.

2. Set a goal for yourself

A meaningful purpose in life. No matter how difficult or discouraging life can be, remain firm and have an unshakable belief that you are capable of doing anything you desire. With this kind of positive attitude, you will attain a cheerful disposition to beat the blues.

3. Get Enough Light and Sunshine.

Lack of exposure to sunlight is responsible for the secretion of the hormone melatonin, which could trigger a dispirited mood and a lethargic condition. Melatonin is only produced in the dark. It lowers the body temperature and makes you feel sluggish. If you are always cooped up in your room (with the curtains closed), it would be difficult to restrain yourself from staying in bed and hence creating space for depression.

4. Take a Break.

Listen to soothing music. Soak in a nice warm bath. Take a break from your stressful workload and spend the day just goofing around. Go out free up your mind from the cacophony and chaos. In other words, just have fun.

5. Eat Right and Stay Fit.

Avoid foods with lots of sugar, caffeine, or alcohol. Exercising regularly is a vital depression buster because it allows your body to produce more endorphin than usual. Endorphin are sometimes called "the happy chemicals" because of their stress-reducing and happiness-inducing properties plus being in shape and having healthy lifestyle boosts up your confidence.

6. Get a Social Life.

No man is an island. Your circle of friends are there to give you moral support. Nothing feels better than having group support. Never underestimate the power of touch. Doesn't it feel so good when someone pats you on the back and gives you words of encouragement during your most challenging times? Hug or embrace someone today. You'll never know when you have saved another life. Get intimate. Establish close ties with your family and friends. The love and care expressed by others could tremendously boost your immune system and fend off illnesses. Best of all, you'll live a more secured and happy life.


Fashion made easy in colleges

Chandini Hemdev  3 days ago

Treading the first milestone of college life!

Chandini Hemdev  6 days ago


Chandini Hemdev  8 days ago

A welcome to a big new beginning

Chandini Hemdev  11 days ago

Living the Bollywood way

Chandini Hemdev  14 days ago

The broke adventure trip !

Chandini Hemdev  15 days ago

The Fest‘ive’ Galore

Chandini Hemdev  18 days ago

9 things to look at before college admissions

Chandini Hemdev  20 days ago

Why are Internships in college so important?

Puja Kumari  7 months ago

6 ways to stand out of depression zone

Puja Kumari  7 months ago