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About KrazyBee

What is KrazyBee?

KrazyBee is a platform that helps college going students in India to purchase anything online via a flexible monthly payment plan. Currently, they don't have any convenient option to independently make a purchase on installments.

Who can use KrazyBee?

Any college going student above the age of 18 from one of our listed colleges can make a purchase from KrazyBee.

How do I know whether my college is listed with KrazyBee or not?

During the creation of your profile, you can check the colleges listed with us while selecting your college from the drop down list. The college options available there are the ones listed with KrazyBee currently.

What if my college is not partnered with KrazyBee?

You may contact us in that case, and we shall help you get your college registered with us at the earliest.

Why should I purchase anything on loan?

Why do you want to miss out on the usage of your favorite product for so many months? It could be your favorite laptop to help you do your assignments quickly & efficiently, or your favorite pair of jeans or glares which might be out of fashion by the time you accumulate the funds, or the trials for the annual sports tournament next month, or maybe the watch which you want to gift your mom on her birthday next week. After all, money can wait, but occasions & opportunities can't. Also, making the payments regularly every month not only helps you become more financially responsible, but also enhances your credit score, which will help you avail loans (house loans, car loans etc.) in the future very easily. So seize the moment, and let your dreams take the flight they always wanted to!?

Are there any other convenient options for college students in India currently to avail EMIs?

No. In order to purchase anything on EMIs online, one should have a credit card, which can only be possessed by working professionals with a regular source of income (and hence most of the students don't have it). In order to purchase anything on EMIs offline (by visiting the brick & mortar showrooms), the student needs to get their parents (who might be sitting a thousand miles away) to the showroom for physical verification, and provide a lot of documents before the loan is processed. Also, all the items in the showrooms are at least 10-15% more expensive than on online platforms.

Your profile

How to create my KrazyBee profile?

There are 2 ways in which you can do it. One way is to just register into our website, and create your profile by filling in a few basic details. The other way for you is to fill in the registration forms by contacting your campus manager, or during our registration drive; and our operations team will create your profile in the back-end by filling in your details.

What happens after I create my profile?

After you've created your profile, our campus manager in your college will perform your personal verification within 24 hours. As soon as that is done, our Operations team will process your account verification within 24 hours, post which you'll be eligible to make a purchase via KrazyBee.

What if my campus manager is not available, and I want to place an order urgently?

In case your campus manager is not available, then you can click the clear snapshots of the following documents and mail it to at the earliest.
1. Student ID card (both sides)
2. Aadhaar card or PAN card or Passport (both)
3. Current residential proof , In case you are not staying in the college hostel
4. A photo of you holding all the above documents

How much time will it take to get my profile verified after I've created my profile?

Once you've created your profile, it will be verified within 24 hours, post which you can make a purchase via KrazyBee.

Is my profile creation & verification a one-time process?

Yes, your profile creation and verification is a one-time process.

What happens after my profile is created?

As soon as your profile is created, you are allocated a credit limit of Rs.30000, and you are eligible to make any online purchase within your credit limit.

What if I mistakenly entered incorrect details during my profile creation or any of my personal details change after my profile creation?

You need to contact us at the earliest.

Why do you perform a personal verification?

We perform a physical verification to make sure that you are a student from your college, and a citizen of India.

How long does the physical verification take?

The physical verification does not take more than 5 minutes of your time. You can get it done at the time and location of your convenience.

What are the basic documents I need to provide to perform my profile verification?

1. Your student ID card
2. Your government ID proof (Aadhaar card/ PAN card/ Passport)
3. Your current residential proof (in case you are not a hostel student)

What if I don't possess a government ID proof?

We have partnerships with agencies that help you get an Aadhaar card and a PAN card at the earliest. These documents will be required by you in the near future to open a bank account, or to avail any loans, and perhaps in many other places once you enter your corporate life. Thus, we recommend you to get them at the earliest. Contact us to get more details.

How do I check my account information?

Once your account registration is complete, you can just log into your account on our website, where you can get all the information about your existing orders, your past orders, and yes, your current credit limit as well.

Can I edit my profile information online after my profile verification is complete?

No, you can't edit your profile information online after your verification is complete. You need to contact us to do the same.

How do I check my credit limit?

Once your account registration is complete, you can check your credit limit by logging into your account.

Is my information safe with KrazyBee?

Absolutely! At KrazyBee, we have very high standards for information confidentiality, so all your data and documents are perfectly safe with us.

Purchase via KrazyBee

How do I make a purchase via KrazyBee?

Once your account is verified, you shall be allocated a credit limit and you can make any online purchase within that limit from the platform of your choice. You just need to copy the buy now URL (website link) of the product you want to purchase from the respective ecommerce platform or website, paste it in the KrazyBee website after logging into your registered account, choose the most convenient payment plan for yourself, make the necessary down payment and voil, KrazyBee will deliver your dream asset at your doorstep. Also, there are certain featured products on our website. You can directly choose any of them and enter the necessary details to initiate your purchase for the same. You can check how it works to know more about it.

What all platforms do you support?

We support all online platforms. Few of the most popular platforms that we support include Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Paytm, Healthkart, Lenskart, Jabong, Myntra and Shopclues.

Do you support international orders as well?

Not currently, but we shall soon add international products to our website.

Why should I sign a loan agreement?

The loan agreement that you sign with us is the formal proof of your purchase with us. Based on the same, you are supposed to pay back the monthly payments for your purchase.

How long does it take to get the purchase delivered?

Since we ship the items directly from the platform chosen by you while selecting your purchase, the delivery time solely depends on the respective vendor. Once the item is delivered to us, we deliver it to the respective student within 24 hours.

Can I get anything delivered at the earliest by paying an extra amount?

As of now, we do not facilitate the same. However, we shall soon be adding this facility. In any case, we try and deliver the product to you at the earliest.

Where is the product delivered?

The default shipment address is the address mentioned by you during your profile creation.

What if I want to get my order delivered to an address other than the one mentioned in my profile?

You can enter the Delivery Address of your choice while placing the order.
However, please make sure that the partner website (Flipkart, Amazon etc.) are able to deliver the product to the Pincode of your selected Delivery Address, otherwise the order is liable to be cancelled.

How do I get my address changed if I have already placed an order?

You need to contact us at the earliest, and our customer care shall help you out with it.

What are the different EMI plans you have?

There are 4 EMI plans that we currently support, i.e. 3-month, 6-month, 9-month, and 12-month.

Can I choose the payment plan of my choice?

Yes, you are absolutely welcome to choose the payment plan of your choice, as long as the payment plan ends within your tenure in college.

What is the product warranty for the items purchase via KrazyBee?

We procure directly from the established vendors of your choice, and deliver it to you. Thus, you are provided with the manufacturers warranty, and you can get in touchwith the manufacturer any time based on the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Do you support return and replacement of any assets purchased via you once the asset has already been delivered to me?

We do not support asset return post-delivery. However, in case you want to replace a defective product within the agreed SLA for the respective ecommerce platform where you've made the purchase from, you may give a call to our customer care helpline and our customer care executive shall help you out at the earliest.

What is the minimum value of purchase that we can make via KrazyBee?

The minimum amount of purchase you can make via KrazyBee is Rs.1499. Note that you have an option to club more than one product together if you want to order any item below Rs.1499.

Can I order multiple products at once?

Yes, as long as your overall purchase amount is within your credit limit as reflected in your account, you can order as many items as you wish.

How do I check my credit limit?

You can check your credit limit by logging into your account.

What is my credit limit after profile creation?

By default, you are allocated a credit limit of Rs.30000 into your account as soon as your profile is created and verified, and you can purchase anything within that credit limit.

How is my credit limit decided?

Your credit limit is decided based on the number of credible documents you submit with us. The more the data points, the higher is your credit limit.

How can I increase my credit limit?

A simpler way for you to enhance your credit limit is to making regular payments for your existing EMIs. You can also increase your credit limit by letting us know a few more details about yourself. Contact us to know more about it.

What if my credit limit is exhausted?

You can increase your credit limit by letting us know a few more details about yourself. Contact us to know more about it

Can I make any offline purchase via KrazyBee?

No, currently we only support online purchase.

Will my parents get to know about any purchase I make from you?

As long as you do not default on your payments, we will not make contact with your parents. However, if you want to increase your credit limit beyond a certain amount, we shall request your permission to contact your parents for verification purposes and some other documents and details. Only after your approval, shall we make a call to your parents in such a case.

In whose name is the invoice of the purchased asset?

The invoice of the purchased asset is in the name of the student from whose profile the order is placed.

Can someone else outside college purchase it in my name?

No, we do not encourage placing orders on someone else behalf. If it is a student from a college within our cities of operations, then they can register themselves and place the order.

What are the interest rates that you guys are charging?

We decide the interest rate based on the creditworthiness of the documents provided by you. In most cases however, it shall be the best rate available in the market.

Are there any hidden fee components that you guys charge?

Nope, there are no hidden or secret fee components that you need to pay. Our platform is very transparent in nature and the entire payment plan is clearly mentioned to you right at the very beginning of the contract to avoid ambiguity. We also do not charge any processing or service fee.


How do I get to know my monthly payment value & schedule?

While choosing your purchase, you are given an option to choose your monthly payment plan (EMI value and number of months). Once you make the purchase, we mail the entire payment plan (monthly payment value, and respective due dates) on your registered email ID.

How do I pay the down payment or repay my monthly installments?

You can pay your monthly payment online every month using your debit card by logging into your account. We are in the process of adding other convenient payment options in the near future.

Can I cancel the order, after making the down payment but before receiving the item?

Yes, but in such cases you need to call us IMMEDIATELY at 08039236161. Also, please understand that your credit limit may suffer if you cancel the order.

Is there a pre-payment option, or maybe an option to increase the timeline of the payment plan?

Yes, we support the change in payment plan. To do the same, you need to contact us at the earliest, post which our Operations team will help you out for the same.

Do I have to pay any penalty for a change in my payment plan?

No, we do not charge any payment or processing fee for a change in your payment plan.

How do I get to know the updated payment schedule in case I change my payment plan later?

No, Our Customer Care mails you the updated payment schedule within 48 hours of your payment plan change to your registered email ID.

Will you provide me any reminder before the monthly payments, to help us not to miss the payment dates?

Yes, you shall be given reminders as follows: SMS and email 7 days before due date SMS, email, and a gentle reminder call from Campus Ambassador or our Operations team 2 days before due date

How do I get a confirmation about the payment(s) I make each month?

You shall get a mail and SMS from our Customer Care team within 24 hours of making the payment, confirming the same, and the same shall reflect in your registered account as well. You may contact us in case you do not receive the same within 24 hours.

How do you guys confirm about the complete payment of EMIs by me?

We provide you an email & SMS confirmation once you are done with your complete payment, and the same shall reflect in your registered account as well. You may contact us in case you do not receive the same within 24 hours.

What if I delay in my payment(s)?

You shall have to pay a penalty of 1% of the outstanding EMI for the month per day you delay the payment with.

What if I default (don't pay you back)?

Your CIBIL score shall go down in case you delay or default on your payments. This may lead to a difficulty for you to avail loans (home loans, car loans, education loans, personal loans etc.) in the future from any bank or NBFC within India, since CIBIL score is the first & the most important thing that is taken into account while approving or rejecting such loans. Since you sign a loan document with our partnered NBFC while making the purchase, you are under legal obligation to pay back regularly, failing which our partner NBFC has the authority to take legal action against you. We are in the process of collaborating with leading organizations which hire college students for placements, and provide them your credit score to help them check your creditworthiness. Most of the organizations have very strict regulations when it comes to having financial responsibility among its employees. Someone with a good credit history is usually given an advantage during the hiring process, since it showcases the responsible behavior of the candidate. On the other hand, no organization entertains candidates with a poor credit history. We shall have to inform your parents about your default and the possible repercussions of the same, since they'd understand the severity of the same and shall in all probability encourage you not to play with the financial system. Your social circle (family & friends from college) might come to know about your default which will be really bad for your image socially, and that too just for a few hundred bucks. Having said that, we understand that there might be times where you might have to stretch a bit here and there while making the payments. Also, we are your friends, and it is not our intention to harass you in any way to get these payments. Thus, in case of any such difficulty in tight months, you can call our Customer Care helpdesk, and we shall try to make the repayment as flexible for you as possible. Unless it is a genuine intention of the student to default the payments, we would not like to exercise any of the options stated above. After all, aren't we are here to make your life better, and fulfill your dreams, not otherwise?


Why should I purchase from KrazyBee?

We allow the MOST CONVENIENT REGISTRATION & VERIFICATION for the user to quickly enable them to make a purchase. We are working out partnerships with key vendors, in order to offer the BEST DEALS for the most of the popular products in the market. We accept orders from a PLETHORA OF VENDORS like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, Healthkart, Lenskart, Jabong, Myntra, Shopclues, and many more. In short, we are opening up the entire internet for you. Ever faced the usual shopping dilemma of which laptop model, or which DSLR camera model to go for among the plethora of options available? Never mind, we have CATEGORY & PRODUCT EXPERTS, that help you make the perfect choice of asset & model to go for in all the popular categories. Just a phone call away. ? We are not just an ecommerce company that delivers you a product and goes away. We provide you a KRAZYBEE KICKSTARTER CATALOGUE to help you get started with the respective hobby for your passions like photography, sports, movie-making, health management and many others. Yes, anything for your dreams to come true! ? Our IMMACULATE CUSTOMER SERVICE helps you out to the fullest in case of product replacement for a genuine defect in the same.

Can I improve my credit-worthiness by making a purchase from KrazyBee?

Your credit-worthiness improves with time, as and when you make timely payments for your purchase (facilitated by us). This makes it easier for you to avail loans in the future (such as higher credit card limit, car loan, home loan, education loan etc.).

Is there a KrazyBee app?

Yes! Head over to for the KrazyBee Android App. iOS App coming soon!

How do I reach out to you in case of any doubts or queries?

You can always reach out to the KrazyBee Campus Manager within your college to know more about us. You may also contact us directly or call us on 080-39236161. Alternatively, you can WhatsApp us on +919886333336.

Can I get information about the hottest deals?

Yes, you can. The hot deals will be shared regularly over your registered email ID. Alternatively, you can add +919886333336 to your phone book and get access to a world of awesomeness.

Can I do an internship with you?

Yes, you are most welcome to join us. Please write to us here.