Startup Hunt, NexTalk and Recognition

HEDNXT Startup Fest 2018

Where ideas will be nurtured in to successful business plans, supported by funding to make your ideas pay for you.

An event where you can learn, share your experiences, and also motivate and recognize those who have struggled a lot to make their startup journey more incredible.

HedNxt is India’s first ever student-centric Startup Fest where ideas meet expertise to build businesses for tomorrow. Here, potential entrepreneurs get a chance to compete with other startups and get recognized for their efforts.

HedNxt has a 3-layered approach:

  1. NexTalk: A platform for students to interact with successful entrepreneurs and learn from their journey.
  2. Startup Hunt: These students get a chance to present their startup idea to an eminent panel of successful founders, mentors, and angel investors.
  3. Recognition: The ideas with the most potential get awarded for their efforts across various categories.

HedNxt is an initiative by KrazyBee, India’s leading E-commerce platform and first Online Instalment Store for students. This event is brought to you by Mi-Incubator and Kingsoft (WPS), who are our Program Partners and Technology Partners for HedNxt.

Startup Hunt

Got an exciting idea for a startup, but not sure where you are in your journey? All this doesn't matter for HedNxt Startup Fest 2018. We are coming to your nearby city for auditions!

  • 8th Oct


  • 10th Oct


  • 13th Oct


  • 15th Oct


  • 17th Oct



NexTalk is communication and collaboration platform where upcoming entrepreneurs at the college level and successful startup founders can interact with each other and learn from their startup journey. NexTalk will also help young entrepreneurs understand what investors look for while investing in a startup and what to expect along your journey. It is a one-stop destination to guide you on how a potential idea today can become a business for tomorrow.

Meet our mentors and guest speakers:



Welcome to HedNxt Startup Fest 2018. This competition is open to both college-level students as well as entrepreneurs who have just begun their journey. Our ultimate goal this is to make all aspiring entrepreneurs come under one umbrella, and showcase their ideas which have potential to create a change for tomorrow. HedNxt is a platform where you can explore opportunities and learn from successful entrepreneurs and their entrepreneurial journey. We will also make sure that no information shared by you will be provided to anyone other than our panel members, jury members and investors. All your ideas and your business projections will be kept securely within the ecosystem.

Free templates by WPS office are prepared for you to help you present your ideas.