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What is a Mi Campus Club?

Mi Campus Clubs are made up by Mi Fans, for Mi Fans. It's where passionate, like-minded Mi Fans come together in their colleges and take part in Mi-related activities; a place where everything and anything that is discussed with the co Mi Fans and officials.

Every Mi Campus Club will have a president

The interested candidates can apply to form Campus club in the KrazyBee site

There are different user groups based on passions (photography team, news teams, etc.) for which the CC members can apply & once selected they can contribute by sharing relevant information on Mi Community

Can Refer to Mi CC Bulletin section for more details about how the Campus clubs work, what kind of activities they do etc.

Mi Comm App

Stay updated on Mi Products and MIUI

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Benefits of MI Campus Clubs

Fans can engage with fellow Mi fans & officials on daily basis

Fans can resolve their device issues & discuss about new features with fellow Mi-fans

Loyal fans will be considered for explorer programs, launch events & to grab f-codes of selected Mi products

First look/hands-on with the latest Mi products

Chance to meet the official Mi staff directly

Occasional contests/giveaways for each fan club

Surprise birthday greeting cards to the loyal fans from Mi.

Based on their contribution to the online Mi community, in every assessment they’ll be rewarded with goodies, F-codes etc

Chance to get invited for the product / event launches of Xiaomi.

Criteria and Responsibilities of Mi CC President

The Mi CC Presidents should own a Mi phone, be aware of Mi products and should organise one successful event to be nominated as the President

A Mi CC President should preferably be a person who is active on Mi Community from long time, contribute by helping Mi with beta testing, sharing detailed information about Mi’s products / An existing KrazyBee Campus Manager who fits the role of Mi CC president

Can participate in Beta testing, share product features/benefits to others

Should connect with other enthusiasts to form Mi Campus club within their colleges

To be good with organising events/catch ups and can manage the club

The Mi CC President should recognise Mi users within their college and build a network and bring them all together for catch ups

The Mi CC President once nominated, should organise monthly catch ups, with a distinctive theme each time

The Mi CC Presidents should help students buy the phone and add them to the Mi online community & their campus club.

Once the meetup is done, the Mi CC President will need to post the recap thread of happenings in the meet on Mi Community. Ex:

Initially need to conduct one Campus Meet & KB/Mi will evaluate them on management

On completion of the first successful event, they're named Mi CC president officially

Prefer a person who is active on Mi Community and part of any of the user groups like News team, Resource team, Photography team, Translator team…etc

Roles and responsibilities of a Mi Fan Club President

Identify Mi users within their college

Connect and build network with Mi users

Help students buy Mi products

Organize monthly events and catch ups with distinct theme

Share information on Mi Community

apply now

How to form a Mi Campus Club?

1. A person who is shortlisted for Mi Campus President needs to form a group on whatsapp & add Mi Fans to it.
2. Inform KrazyBee / Mi team about it so that they can observe.
3. Arrange a meetup in your campus & explain the fans above club motive.
4. Considering the number of fans, fan meets & the engagement levels, KrazyBee / Mi staff will decide if he/she can be the president of their campus.

What to do in Mi Campus Clubs?

1. Attend every meetup conducted in your campus, share your experience on Mi Community
2.Keep loving Xiaomi, conduct monthly meetups, add more people & value to CCs and spread the love!

What if my College is not listed?

You can go ahead and provide us the name of your college by typing it up.

What if my City is not listed?

You will not be able to apply for a Mi Fan Club Presidenship through KrazyBee as of now. However, you can visit the official Mi Fan Club website and express your interest.