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Want to kickstart your college on the right note?

Congratulations on entering into one of the most exciting phases of your life!
The next few years will be a dream, and yet a roller coaster ride for you.

KrazyBee is here to help you make the best decision for you at this time. You must be wondering what is KrazyBee? Well, KrazyBee is your best friend at college, that is here to stay with you throughout your college life. It will be that friend of yours at college, whom you can look up to whenever you are in need of something that would help you make the most out of college, be it paying your expenses at canteen, getting a laptop or a phone for yourself, paying your semester tuition fees, getting yourself the coolest bike, purchasing a DSLR camera to know more about photography, and much more.

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What is KrazyBee?

KrazyBee is a Student Credit Platform that helps college students in some cities in India to purchase anything online via a flexible monthly payment plan. Currently, the students do not have any convenient option to independently make a purchase on installments.

Who can avail services from KrazyBee?

Any college going student above the age of 18 studying at one of our listed colleges can make a purchase from KrazyBee.

Which services can a student avail?

A student can avail any of the following:
1. Semester loan - A semester loan is the financial aid taken to pay the tuition fees for the entire semester or academic year at college.
2. E-commerce loan - An e-commerce loan can be taken for purchasing any E-commerce product from our partner websites.
3. Two-wheeler loan - A two-wheeler loan can be taken to purchase a two-wheeler.
4. Cash loan - A cash loan can be taken to load Paytm wallet or Student PayCard wallet.

How to avail each of the KrazyBee services?

The stepwise process is as below:
1. Register yourself on KrazyBee website or Android app.
2. Complete your profile by filling-in additional details about yourself.
3. Upload your KYC documents.
4. Place your order.
5. Wait for your profile to be verified based on the information that you have provided in step #2 and #3. The verification process involves a Physical Verification by your Campus Manager as well as getting a call from the verification team about your details. This process is completed in maximum of 48 hours if you are available on call.
6. Once your profile verification is done and approved by our team and system, your order will be approved and you can make the downpayment of your order.
7. Once the downpayment has been received, your order will be processed within 24-48 hrs and you will get an intimation of your product purchase on your phone and email.
8. If it is a PayTM or a Student PayCard purchase, your order amount will be directly transferred to your wallet linked to your registered mobile number.
9. Before the delivery of your product, you will be asked to sign a Loan Facility Agreement which indicates that a credit line has been extended to you.
10. You can now enjoy your product and make your EMI payments on time to avail enhanced credit limit and lower interest rates on subsequent purchase.
11. For subsequent orders approval, verification is not required, rather it depends on payment history as well as the credit available in your account.

How long does it take to get my purchase delivered?

As long as your details are correct, your documents are valid & verifiable and your applied purchase is within your respective credit limit slab, the purchase is approved within 24-48 hours of application.

Are there any hidden processing or services charges?

For most of our offerings, we do not have any processing or service charges. However, in case of any such charges, the disclaimer is made very explicit to the customer right at the time of the purchase.

What if I am unable to repay back on time?

Your CIBIL score will be affected in case you delay or default on your payments. This may mean that you will not be able to get any other loan in your life such as home loans, car loans, education loans, personal loans etc. from any bank or NBFC within India, since CIBIL score is the first and the most important thing that is taken into account while approving or rejecting such loans. Since you sign a loan document with our partnered NBFC while making the purchase, you are under legal obligation to pay back regularly, failing which our partner NBFC has the authority to take legal action against you. We have collaborated with leading organizations which hire college students for placements, and provide them your credit score to help them check your creditworthiness. Most of the organizations have very strict regulations when it comes to having financial responsibility among its employees. No organization entertains candidates with a poor credit history. We shall also have to inform your parents about your default and the possible repercussions of the same, since they'd understand the severity of the same and shall in all probability encourage you not to play with the financial system.

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