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  • new vehicles

    New Bike


  • Used vehicles

    New Bike


documents required



ID Proof - College ID Card


 Address Proof - Aadhaar Card


 Driving License


 Marksheet of the recent semester


 On-road quotation of the bike for new vehicles


 Signed Loan Agreement


 Signed NACH form



 PAN Card


 Aadhaar Card


 Signed Loan Agreement


1. Bike loan requires guardian's approval

2.  Please email your documents to After placing an order with us, KrazyBee team will contact you to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have


Choose from a wide range of products

Pay a nominal amount as downpayment and get ready to drive away the chosen vehicle

Hassle free documentation and processing

Payback in easy EMI's while you enjoy your ride to your college


From where all can I buy an used bike?

You can buy a bike from and We are not supporting any other website currently.

How much of credit limit do I get to buy a bike?

The credit limit is 40K for used bikes and 70K for new bikes.

Is there a processing fees for the bike loan?

There is a nominal processing fees of 1.5K for new bikes and 3K for used bikes. This is on top of all the other expenses that may be incurred in the showroom for buying accessories, registration, etc.
For the used bike purchase, the processing fees includes the transfer fees too. This means that the bike will also be transferred to your name.

I do not have a DL, is that ok?

Considering that you will be riding the bike, for your own safety we need your DL for you to purchase the bike.

I do not have my latest marksheet, is that ok?

We will need your academic details to verify your eligibility towards the bike loan. Hence, it is a mandatory document.

I do not have any current address proof, is that ok?

This is required by the RTO towards both registration and ownership change. Hence, it is a mandatory document even if you do not avail a loan from KrazyBee.

I do not want my father to know about the order, what to do?

We understand that you may not want to involve your father with some purchases. We also accept mother's number. However, a guardian's approval is mandatory for a bike loan.

My father does not have a PAN Card, what to do?

Please upload your father's last 3 month's bank statement in this case.

I do not have a bank account, what to do?

We will need your or your guardian's NACH form to be signed. If you do not have a bank account, then we will need your guardian's NACH form signed for the loan processing.

I want to buy a 2 L bike and need more credit limit, what to do?

Currently we are providing loans only for 70K for new bikes and 40K for used bikes. However, keep in touch with us in case these changes.

Will this affect my ecommerce order's credit limit?

No, your bike loan's credit limit will be different from your ecommerce credit limit and paytm credit limit.

Can I buy the bike in the showroom which I prefer?

Currently, we do not have this provision. We will update the website in case this changes.

How much time does it take for the verification process?

You will get an intimation about your order within 24 hours.

Why are you taking my original documents?

We are keeping your original documents because we need to process the request in the background towards the hypothecation process. However, you will be provided with xerox copies of the documents so that you do not have any issues.

What will happen after the loan is complete?

We will provide you with your original documents back.

What happens if the vehicle meets an accident?

You can get in touch with the insurance agency directly to fix the problem.